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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Alexamsterdam The Die Is Cast
Pop, goodness gracious, Pop! Sounds like a disgust, well? It implies mostly easy listening music. Because of that I almost had not realized the new EP “The Die Is Cast” from ALEXAMSTERDAM. This would have been a big mistake. “The Die Is Cast” is actual Pop which has no ambition for a radio sound that lives just for a short time. ... more/mehr


Alfahanne Alfapokalyps
This pretty young Swedish band, formed in 2010, appeared on the scene in 2013 via the “Grym” split 7” with Sweden´s SHINING. This is their full length debut album named after the style they are playing. “Alfapocalyptic Rock” is what those guys call their sound, which could be described as “Motörhead playing Black Metal”. Or old school ... more/mehr


Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds
This cd is a perfect example of when an established artist says “we are going back to the roots”. Unlike many bands today who make the same statement, Alice Cooper was successful with this one. Armed with 12 new songs, a fresh young backing band and a producer who was able to recreate their vintage sound so accurate that if this ... more/mehr


Alice Cooper Along Came A Spider
Oh, shit! While albums like „Trash“ or „Hey Stoopid“ still had some kind of sugar icing the new album “Along Came A Spider” is a bit dull. I was a bit surprised that this old front man wants to enter the stage once again. A phenomenon like him, who trumped with great hits like “The Poison” or “House Of Fire” can only create something ... more/mehr


Alienated Lonely Hearts Killers
This CD is indeed an incredible Metalrock album of the German band Alienated. Right with the first song you will be captured by this incredible sound, rough guitars, highspeed riffs, great guitar soli - it´s simply everything that a guitar hero heart wants to have. And there is Dirk Lebetzke with his variable voice, and how he can ... more/mehr



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