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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Angel Blake The Descended
Saying it right away, I think that Angel Blake are one of the hottest acts that the Finnish label Dynamic Arts has snatched off the market. The guys are living in Sweden, yet some of the names suggest connections to Finland, like Band-Mastermind and Ex-The Crown guitarist Marko Tervonen.

The second Angel Blake album “The ... more/mehr


Angelica Thrive
Many should know Angelica Rylin as the singer of The Murder of My Sweet! „Thrive“ is Angelica´s first solo record, which probably comes as a little surprise for some fans. But it´s no surprise if you know that with this album, Angelica fulfils one of her childhood dreams, doing a pure Melodic Rock album. This album hasn´t much to ... more/mehr


Anger The Bliss
Meanwhile the Nu-Metal in commercial respects is dieing out, and in the Charts are only Teenage-Emo-Rockbands who rebel against their parents, there are still bands who do their own thing and who give a shit about style stigmatisation. The potuguese band “Anger” is doing this since 1994.

On “The Bliss” there is singing as ... more/mehr


Angry Bastard ...Ready to Rock
The new Angry Bastard demo might scare off some people because of its cover, but then you really miss something The Swiss band from Aargau have already supported Threshold, Triosphere, Cataract and toured with The Vibes.

Their music offers a lot, let´s quote the band info: „Take five metal freaks, a good portion Thrash, ... more/mehr


Angtoria Unofficial Demo 2005
What actually does... Sarah Jezebel Deva do? The singer, who also participated in Cradle Of Filth and Therion, accidentially meets Chris Rehn (Abyssos), and the two of. On the CD are five tracks, four of which are original compositions plus a Kylie Minogue cover. Yes, right, Kylie Minogue, that was this Australian with those disco ... more/mehr



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