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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Abandon Hope The Endless Ride

Abandon Hope offer now their first album, which was produced by themselves. It is based on good Rock with Nu Metal elements, but nevertheless sounds very flabby. The quartet tries to make their music sound fat and forcing, but this does not really function. What begins very promising like “The Sad, the Damned, the Dead” ends ... more/mehr


Abandoned Thrash Notes
Who would have ever thought, that a German trash-formation could sound so much like old Bay Area? If I wouldn’t know it better, I’d think that this CD was actually recorded during the 80‘s by Slayer. Especially shouter Kalli reminds me a lot of Slayer front-guy Tom Araya, but also the overall sound strongly leans onto the slayers ... more/mehr


Abandoned Thrash You

Being a regular festival attendant I could not avoid seeing those Abandoned guys from the German “Bay Area” Hessen more often, and their live shows at Earthshaker Festival, Rock Hard Festival or Bang Your Head Festival made their impression... they made you wonder what would happen next. This new second album has the simple ... more/mehr


Abomination Abomination/Tragedy Strikes
In this day and age it seems that even though there is a lot of new music being made and new styles and genres founded, somehow it seems that there is a need for old songs to be covered, remixed and re-re-rereleased. One could argue that the new musicians have no new ideas, and as such they can only cover their older, more successful ... more/mehr


Absence, The Riders Of The Plague
What do James Murphy, Testament, Jonas Kjellgren and Per Nilsson, Scar Symmetry and Six Feet Under´s Terry Butler have in common? They all appeared as guest musicians with the quartet The Absence from Florida. Just that fact should be enough to check out this album. 12 Songs incl. outro were recorded in a quite professional manner ... more/mehr



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