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Alkonost Put´Neprojdennyj
ALKONOST is the goddess of the land of the dead in Slavic mythology. She is pictured as half-woman / half-bird. Alkonost is also a Pagan Metal Band coming from the Region of Russian Tatarstan. The Band was formed 1995, with this record they now also come to take over Europe and show that also Russians can create great Pagan Metal, ... more/mehr


All Against The World The Furthermost
All Against The World from Portugal play a Hardcore-Punk mixture that first you find quite enjoyable, but soon it becomes dull, because their songs are not very versatile. It is clear that those guys know how to handle their instruments, no doubt about that, but this is not enough for a good album. The voice of the growl vocalist ... more/mehr


All Hollows Eve The Dreaming
All Hallows Eve is the project of Tom O´Connell and ranges somewhere between classic Gothic Rock and Wave. Already at the beginning it becomes clear that it is a dark-romantic-theatrical-piece - epic music not exactly easy to listen to. Gothic masters like Myk Jung (The Fair Sex), Marion Küchenmeister (Invisible Limits) or Ashley ... more/mehr


All Shall Perish Hate.Malice.Revenge
With „Hate.Malice.Revenge“ of All Shall Perish, Nuclear Blast releases a new, hopeful Death-Metal act in the style of US Death to the market. The five americans play the eight tracks roughly somewhere between extreme bands like Dying Fetus and Deicide. The comparisons labelwise to Cannibal Corpse are rather recognizeable, but this ... more/mehr


Allen & Lande The Showdown
You had to wait three whole years until these two talented singers got back together again to release their already third album „The Showdown“. And those two couldn´t be more different. There´s one thing, though, they do have in common. They are one of the best singers in the world. Russel Allen fronts the US progressive metal band ... more/mehr



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