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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Astaarth Gloria Burgundia
Astaarth from France, a duo with Lord L Moloch (voc, Ex-Baphoments Throne) and Lord Goudebaud (all instruments) present here their first album after releasing two demos (1998, 2002). They worship the glory of Burgundy, as you can guess from the CD title. Pure Pagan/Folk Metal, sometimes orchestral orotundity, sometimes midieval dance ... more/mehr


Astpai Heart to Grow
The Hardcore/Punk quartet from Wien, Austria has released a new album, “Heart to Grow” and it isn´t bad at all. Considering that this is their third real album and that they have toured Europe twice and got as far as America and Canada, they have the skill and experience to make it to the big stages.

The album starts off ... more/mehr


Astral Doors Evil is forever
The current album of the Astral Doors is no milestone in Powermetal history, it is however quite presentable. In particular the third Song similar to the album title “Evil is forever” really rocks. Although most soli really does not convince technically and the singer proves only little ability of change except in Song 7, the entire ... more/mehr


Astrovamps Gods and Monsters
Already in 2003, with the EP "Manifesto" and the(European) debut "Amerikan Gothik" two years later, the Californian band could delight a lot of European Deathrock fans. Now with "Gods and Monsters" they return from the grave to offer again their catchy mixture of Horror Punk, Glam Rock and Gothic. From the snotty opening song "This ... more/mehr


At Odds With God Earning Damnation
Wow, this is all I can say. If you don´t read it in the band info before listening to the CD, you cannot even suspect that this is a woman growling – real brutal Death Metal vocals, as if she was puking up her guts. The next thing difficult to believe – this quintet (Nina Saile, voc, Diego Montoya & Alejandro Maya, git, Rob Stokes, ... more/mehr



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