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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Autumn My New Time
The Dutch Metallers´ third studio album, and according to the band´s own words, the most sophisticated one so far. Before achieving such a high level of satisfaction, Autumn has gone through several line-up changes and quite gloomy times, almost broke up, but overcoming this dark period, they proudly reflect their new hope and bright ... more/mehr


Ava Inferi Blood Of Bacchus
The new opus of the Norwegian Ex-Mayhem-guitarist Rune Eriksen is released. He found in Portugal a new homeland, where the Norwegian doom-heaviness joins the Mediterranean melancholy. Even personally, for his characteristic guitar riffs meet the soft, lyrical voice of his partner Carmen Simões.

On “Blood Of Bacchus” she ... more/mehr


Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt 1 & 2 Gold
Tobias Sammet achieved in quite a young age pretty much everything what an artist can dream of. For several years he has been very successful with his band Edguy, but it is rather his side project Avantasia that earned him a world-wide reputation.

Top-names among his list of guest musicians (e.g. Alice Cooper, Michael Weikath, ... more/mehr


Avantasia Angel of Babylon/ The Wicked Symphony
It´s amazing to see what this guy is capable of – Tobias Sammet is certainly addicted to music. In the short time that he had in between tours with Edguy and gigs with Avantasia during the last two years, he still managed to find some extra energy to work on not one but two awesome new records. This duo pack, „The Wicked Symphony“ ... more/mehr


Avatar Black Waltz
The latest album by the Swedish band Avatar was already released in Scandinavia and the US in spring and managed to get really good feedback especially in the US, where their single Let it burn was on heavy rotation.

Now, the album is also available in Europe – and at least for me it really made an impact. Black Waltz is ... more/mehr



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