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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Annabelle Chvostek Be The Media
The Juno-nominated singer/songwriter from Canada Annabelle Chvostek explores with her fifth studio album "Be The Media" a new, rocking terrain. With an electric 1957 Kay guitar, whose sound pervades the entire album with its character, she has spent two weekends - live in a trio accompanied by Jérémie Jones on bass and Tony ... more/mehr


Annihilator Metal
Finally another sign of life from Annihilator, and a quite strong one! The title “Metal” says it all. Jeff Waters does not show any sign of slowing down, and after leaving problems with business partners and labels behind, he offers here something like a “best of” his career. “Metal” contains basically everything that made this Canadian ... more/mehr


Answer, The Everyday Demons
The Answer might really bet he answer to all those, who do not want wait six years to another AC/DC album and who think that the latest Guns `n Roses is too boring. The Answer know how to play formidable hard rock, which remembers more than once to old Guns `n Roses and AC/DC, due to the insane, godlike voice of Comac Neeson.

The ... more/mehr


Antagonist Zero Doomed
Antagonist Zero release their first longplayer „Doomed”: Five songs filled with beautiful guitar melodies, piano parts and influences from all kinds of Metal genres. It starts with “Nighttime Harmony”, soft piano melodies lead into an atmospheric sophisticated song, which is completed by the diversified growls of Ben Pakarinen and ... more/mehr


Antennas Feeling Feline Tonight
Sweden, Sweden, always Sweden. This spot on the face of planet earth seems to be the birthplace of European Indie-Pop music. You just have to think about names like Mando- something and XY- anything, etc. and then you know, what to expect, but not quite in this case. ANTENNAS are not like the mass of those indiepop products that ... more/mehr



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