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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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At the Soundawn Red Square we come in Waves
The Italians of At The Soundawn show that the country of the football world champion has more to offer than Pizza and happy Rhapsody of Fire / Labyrinth-Metal. These guys are playing serious and melancholic music. The structures are close to Tool, but At The Soundawn combine Metal elements as well as Alternative elements. The idols ... more/mehr


AT VANCE Facing Your Enemy
First of all ‘Facing Your Enemy’ made me listen to the fascinating voice of Rick Altzi – a mixture between Jorn Lande and Johnny Gioeli. Meanwhile I have listened to the album for about 10 times and there are always other parts which I like particularly.

Guitarist and songwriter Olaf Lenk has really done a great job and ... more/mehr


Atargatis Wasteland
If I could rate this CD 11 or higher, I would: this is heavenly! Breathtaking!!! The velvet voice of Darkwell (only polished and noticeably improved) does its finest and beats Edenbridge, Lunatica, Visions of Atlantis and many others of the kind. Moreover, although it is this band´s debut full-length album, it can immediately ... more/mehr


Atargatis Nova
This band has been existing for 10 years, and now the Gothic Metallers Azmo (git), Lord Lomhold (bass, back voc), Stephanie Luzie (voc) and Shadrak (drums) present their second long player Nova. Stephanie Luzie should be known in the genre already as the voice of Darkwell. Singer Matthias Hechler (Crematory) also has a guest appearance. ... more/mehr


Atheist Piece of Time
Since the two first Atheist albums have been out of stock for years by now, Relapse is releasing a reissue. There is once again hope for those who cannot afford to pay 90€ on Ebay for an Atheist album. Of course first of all, the CDs contain the original tracks. They are supposed to have been remastered, but you can't really ... more/mehr



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