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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Amorphis Silent Waters
Tomi Joutsen is inseparable part of the band, since Pasi Koskinen left the band. The singer, who already made his mark with „Eclipse“, also pulls his socks up here on „Silent Waters“. A little bit more melancholy, a little bit more Folk and as melodic as the previous album, the Finns continue their style and provide a nice sequel. ... more/mehr


Amorphis Skyforger
Amorphis is one of those bands that have never published a bad album but went through plenty of experimenting over the years before finding their definite sound - and indeed their definite voice. When vocalist Tomi Joutsen joined in late 2004, it appeared that the previously missing link had been found. Since then, the band´s line-up ... more/mehr


Amorphis The Beginning of Times
The stakes always are raised to the sky when a legend sets out to record a new album. There are but a few formations that still work with energy and power, and that`s exactly what the worldwide acknowledged experimenters Amorphis stand for today. The year 2011 marks their 10th studio release, and questions caused by the title “The ... more/mehr


Amorphis Circle
Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, there is one profound difference between the two. In life, it’s a good advice to stick to a winning formula once you have found and perfected it, but try to do so in art, and soon enough you’ll be accused of stagnancy, lack of creativity or selling out. But how to evolve from a state ... more/mehr


An Early Cascade Versus
Ok, the promosheet said, that you have to walk off the beaten track to get recognized the way you deserve it. When having a first quick look at the CD, An Early Cascade from Stuttgart, Germany, seem to take that quite literally with their new album „Versus“ : Have a look at the cover and you´ll see an old attic with lots of stuf ... more/mehr



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