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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Agents Of Man Count Your Blessings
Altough the flood of debuts from metalcore bands is not ending, you constantly hope that there will be something new and not just a bad copy of Killswitch Engage and Hatebreed for the umpteenth time. Agents Of Man from the US doesn’t fit into the scheme. They put the hardcore back in the name metalcore and pull up heavy NYHC that ... more/mehr


Agnostic Front Warriors
I´ve always been a fan of the NYHC scene, but although few others represent it as much as Agnostic Front, I´ve always found them a bit boring. The thing with this very American style of hardcore punk metal is that in order to stand out you should have something very unique to offer. To me it´s always felt like Agnostic Front´s only ... more/mehr


Agonizer Birth / The End
Even the opener ”Prisoner” leaves you open-mouthed – wow, great sound, great riffs, an even greater voice... and it continues that way, Old School Metal Scandinavian style, that means rough and melodious at the same time, creating 8 incredibly catchy Metal anthems. You cannot avoid thinking about another Finnish band, Sentenced, ... more/mehr


Agrypnie 16[485]
AGRYPNIE release their third album with "16[485]". It contains some good black metal like Hell Militiea or WITHERSHIN. This music goes straight forward in your face, here and there you can also find some slower parts. However, some of those are sometimes a bit stiff. I also want to mention the Opener “Figur 109-3” and “Verfall”, ... more/mehr


Agrypnie F51.4
This one-man-band is the project of the singer of the no longer existing Nocte Obducta. Torsten, der Unhold, was responsible for the whole of the instruments and also for this time he used the lyrical talent of his ex-band-mate Marcel Va. Tr. The latter already wrote the lyrics for the above mentioned Nocte Obducta. In the song “Masken” ... more/mehr



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