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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Coppelius Tumult
At the moment lots of albums are released which are – so to say – emotional captivating. You sit in front of the speakers, only able to listen.
If this is a new trend, I will agree. Lame music of course is nowhere a part of it…
…which is also the case for the latest record from the Berlin band COPPELIUS, who cater for long ... more/mehr


Corbeaux Hit The Head
Post-Rock seems to be quite popular now, and I have to admit that I do not mind at all. Those 4 breton dudes, Corbeaux, financed the recording and the release of this album via crowdfunding and booked Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm for the mixing. Which was a good decision because the sound is clear and crisp, yet still contains enough ... more/mehr


Core Perfect Summer
Core from Vienna release with “Perfect Summer” their second album under the new name. And when you hear these 12 tracks you don´t wonder why this trio is on its way up, especially overseas. With their melancholic dragging rock they hit the (EMO-) mark of our time. On “Perfect Summer” there are a lot of things to discover, like hard ... more/mehr


Coronatus Lux Noctis
So, can you decide how do you like your female metal bands better, with opera vocals or with clean rock vocals? Cannot choose – so throw them both in and there you have it – Coronatus. No men this time, so strictly female business. To my spoiled and picky gothic girl´s ear, the band is just balancing on the borderline between mainstream ... more/mehr


Coronatus Porta Obscura
Oh no, another poor Nightwish- copy. Don`t we have enough of these bands already? Nothing against Nightwish, they are the only ones that actually rule the soprano- vocal thing, or rather ruled it in Tarja- times. The comparison with Nightwish seems to be scheduled, because Coronatus yet stressed their budget by letting Nightwish ... more/mehr



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