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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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City Light Thief Laviin
Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I´m repeating myself, when I´m saying, that there´s yet another good band, who has released an album via Midsummer Records. But hey, it´s not my fault after all, that they´re apt at signing good bands in the niche of Post-Core/HC and the like.
Anyways, here we have the latest release of ... more/mehr


Claudia Rudek s/t
Actually, I´m not a huge fan of this singer/songwriter kind-a-thing and it gets even worth when the press release says something about pop, folk influences. But, already with the first notes, Claudia Rudek, armed with her western guitar, teaches me otherwise. Her music comes with an effortlessness that simply makes you forget the ... more/mehr


Clawfinger Hate Yourself With Style
In recent years Clawfinger albums have always had the same problem: usually there are 2 or 5 hits on it but the rest is is only average. In addition there´s always one or the other lyrical „upsetter“ (see „Nigger“) and then the whole fuss is already over. „Hate Yourself With Style“ meets all the above mentioned criteria. The opener ... more/mehr


Clawfinger Life Will Kill You
This, as singer Zak tell jokingly calls it, `the world´s best and only Rap Metal band` has again hit the scene. Their eight album called Life Will Kill You is more melodic than the predecessors, yet still heavy, and rather refers to the early beginning of this band. Those who loved Deaf Dumb Blind but also Hate Yourself With Style ... more/mehr


Clayskin Faces
Clayskin is an unsigned Finnish band from Turku who focus on heavy rock with melodic singing. After over a decade of playing together, time was right for their first album “Faces” to be recorded and released out into the world. Some of the songs have been previously released as demos or singles, but the band wanted to record the ... more/mehr



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