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Coldseed Completion Makes The Tragedy
Soilwork-shouter Björn „Speed“ Strid must be living in a totally boring area, because this is another project he loans his voice to (check out also Disarmonia Mundi). Founder Thomen Stauch, former Blind Guardian drummer, doesn´t seem to be fully stretched with Savage Circus either... with the guitarists Thorsten Praest and Gonzalo ... more/mehr


Coldworker The Contaminated Void
With „The Contaminated Void“ Coldworker releases its debut, which is definitely worth listening. On 14 powerful killer tracks the Swedish show that even the first opus of a band can be able to convince. In some parts there are similarities with Arch Enemy, then with Brutal Truth. Fact is: this record can totally cope with the stars ... more/mehr


Collarbone The Back Of Beyond
Collarbone started their career by winning a Finish „Battle Of The Bands“ contest and are now releasing their debut album “The Back Of Beyond”. Behind the album are some big names for example Jonas Olsson, who amongst others has worked with Disco Ensemble, was responsible for the production, and the album was even mastered in New ... more/mehr


Colosseum Chapter I - Delirium
The Finns Juhani Palomäki (vocals, guitar), Olli Haaranen (guitar), Janne Rämö (bass) and Sameli Köykkä (drums) united 2006 as Colosseum and found their home at Firedoom label, which says it all already. This is Doom indeed, and who knows the band and former label colleagues Swallow The Sun might experience a certain deja-vu. Colosseum ... more/mehr


Colossus of Destiny In Lesser Brightness
Three years after the first release of the band, Colossus of Destiny publish their debut album, which was recorded by Francis Caste (Zuul Fx, Kickback, Aqume…) at Studio Saint Marthe. Those guys from Paris, France, are certainly appealing to an international audience – to everybody who likes their Metal really tough with a touch ... more/mehr



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