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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Crooks, The High Society Rock´n´Roll
The Italian himself seems just made for the extravagant and sexed up genre of glam rock and also The Crooks from Milano bring everything together on their third studio album “High Society Rock´n´Roll” that needs to be there, lyrically: Fights, Dope, Girls, Leather Boots, Tattoos and, of course, Love. Musically they are heavily influenced ... more/mehr


Cruadalach Lead - Not Follow
Cruadalach are one of the top Pagan/Folk Metal bands in their Czech home country and are now on their way to conquer the rest of Europe. At the beginning about 4 years ago, medieval and Celtic themes were the main influences, which is still present in their music today. However, they have developed their own style, a pretty rustic ... more/mehr


Crucified Barbara In Distortion We Trust
Four "Chicks on Speed", that's Crucified Barbara. Girls from Stockholm that have been turned into rock chicks, made to hold beer bottles for the photoshoot. There's nothing worse than a band with no credibility. The photo's lack credibility: these girls aren't as wicked as their management would obviously ... more/mehr


Crucified Barbara In The Red
A short time ago, Crucified Barbara released their 4th studio album. The four Swedish girls originally started as a Punkrock band but since their debut album from 2005, they have played high energy Hardrock. That´s what they still do in 2014. The songs on “In The Red” all sound a bit similar and real highlights are missing (with ... more/mehr


Crumbland Should I tell you?
Crumbland is another prove that in Finland even radio-compatible music sounds rather like Rock than Pop. Right after its release the national radio stations Yle X and Radio Extreme made "Should I tell you?" their Album Of The Week, and the single "In Your Head" remained on top of NRJ´s Top Ten for weeks. Well, Metalfans should perhaps ... more/mehr



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