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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Chrome Division Doomsday Rock ´n´ Roll
Chrome Division started out as a fun side project of Dimmu Borgir singer Shagrath, but the project grew in to a real band that has now recorded their first album Doomsday Rock ´n´ Roll. Even though you have Shagrath on guitar and additional members from bands like The Kovenant and Ashes To Ashes, you´re way off thinking this is a ... more/mehr


Chrome Division 3rd Round Knockout
This album must be every rocker´s dream come true. Dimmu Borgir fronter Shagrath finally returns with his other band, Chrome Division, after three long years. And the band sounds better than ever before. While Shagrath plays the guitar with Chrome Division, he leaves the vocal duties to a new member. A certain Pål „Athera“ Mathiesen, ... more/mehr


Chrome Division Infernal Rock Eternal
It took them almost three years but Chrome Division are now back with a new album, bearing the meaningful title “Infernal Rock Eternal”. After numerous line-up changes, one can only hope that the band finally found itself as a group – but, on the other hand, those changes never had a negative impact on the band. One of their best ... more/mehr


Chthonian Of Beatings And The Silence In Between
The term Chthonian originally comes from the Chtulu Myth, and a Chthonian is according to that a giant squid with tortuous, slime coated worm like bodies. Similar to that the Finnish trio wind their way trough 8 songs somewhere between high speed Death Metal and Black Metal in less than half an hour. The band of the Finntroll singer ... more/mehr


Chthonic Takasago Army
One thing is clear – this is a band you either like, or not, there´s nothing in between. And I have to admit that I like this unusual combination of Folk (music and instruments) and Black / Death / Power Metal. „There´s nothing unusual about that“ you might think. Well, it is unusual/exotic, at least for European ears, when those ... more/mehr



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