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Catamenia Winternight Tragedies
"Winternight Tragedies" is the sixth album of the Finnish black metal formation Catamenia and surprise, surprise, once again the band around guitarist Riku Hopeakoski presents itself in a new line up. This time singer Mika and bass player Timo cleared the field, but with the new screamer O.J. Mustonen and Mikko Hepooja ... more/mehr


Cataract - same -
After Cataract´s last album „Kingdom“ you did not hear much from those Swiss guys. But now Fedi & Co. are back with the extremely heavy „Cataract“ album that contains SLAYER influences, Hardcore-attitude and mosh parts. A fresh wind that Cataract had been missing out on the previous album. Straight into your face... this is their ... more/mehr


Catharina Boutari Tanzschule Boutari
What am I getting my hands on this time? In fact a record that is rather pop- music. Soon everybody will realise that the genre points at a modern band, named “Catharina Boutari“. The gents and the lady come up with fluffy and light songs that promise quality and variety. Very cool! “Tanzschule Boutari” combines interesting rhythm ... more/mehr


Cathedral The Garden Of Unearthly Delights
You always know what to expect from a Cathedral album: the typical British concoction of doom and stoner rock, fat and sappily produced. „The Garden...“ is no exception from that. But this latest outing is probably the most complete from the Cathedral camp because all kinds of stylistic elements are presented in equal measures. Only ... more/mehr


Catheter Dimension 303
What waits for you on „Dimension 303“is Grindcore. Old school grindcore. The nearness to Punk or Hardcore can simply not be distinct. From this trio there always shimmers a little bit of Napalm Death or Terrorizer trough. Here it is also broken up with the unwritten laws of Grindcore and some songs last more than 1½ minutes, ... more/mehr



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