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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Chtonic Seediq Bale
This is the re-release of a CD that had come out in 2005 already - yet not in Europe, so it seems. Chtonic from Taiwan have impressed Asian and US audiences exclusively so far, now they are on the best way to fame also in the old country over here. Their new album Takasago Army has impressed us already (here ... more/mehr


Church of the Dead Vol.1: Stay Out Of My Grave
The Helsinki-based band Church of the Dead put out its first EP “Vol.1: Stay Out Of My Grave” in January. That release was highly-anticipated in the Finnish extreme metal scene since, even though the band has been around for barely one year, it is now quite popular in the Helsinki extreme metal scene. Since their beginning, the Church ... more/mehr


Cipher System Communicate The Storms
The Swedish sextett Ciphәr System was unknown to me until now because I missed out on their debut in 2004. But even without the missing comparison, I can say that this constitutes as a gap in musical education because the band is simply awesome. Nuclear Blast got a real treasure into their chest; they have deserved a seat amongst ... more/mehr


Circle Hollywood
Hey! What the hell is going on in Finland? Not long ago I praised Scent´s latest album and now I have another record from the icy country in my player and once again I´m amazed. CIRCLE play experimental rock as well but their music is closer to progressive metal and reminds at times of their genre peers Tool or Bohren & der Club ... more/mehr


Circle II Circle Consequence of Power
Fans of Circle II Circle had to wait for 2 years, but now the successor of the “Delusions Of Grandeur” album is out, “Consequence of Power”: Once again Circle II Circle present a complete concept album, just like their last 2 releases. The band remained true to its style, basically, but here and there they try something new. The ... more/mehr



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