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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Coerced Into Battle Enemy Mine
There are still nice surprises, even if bands go back to their roots to create an album with great attention to detail. The bawdy threesome plays Death- Metal with appropriate Hardcore- Clichés. With “Enemy Mine” the Americans show, that they know how to combine super melodic riffing with baroque assets.
As to say, they create ... more/mehr


Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Ascension
With the release of Coheed and Cambria´s latest and sixth album, we can report not one but two long awaited returns. On the one hand, Josh Eppard, who left the band for an indefinite time in 2006, resumes the drum post left empty by Chris Pennie. On the other hand, compared to the rather serious sounding predecessor album Year Of ... more/mehr


Coilguns Stadia Rods
COILGUNS could easily be compared to a freight train running over pretty much everything that crosses its track. Guitarist Jona Nido, drummer Luc Hess and vocalist Louis Jucker (all three are also members of THE OCEAN) started their project in late 2010 and have embarked on a very interesting musical journey. Imagine a little less ... more/mehr


Coilguns / Never Void Split CD
I haven´t seen such self-made (and via own label self-released) splits in a long time, this one is out on a 10’’ vinyl and in fancy A5 cd version, so who´s into collecting rare stuff – no matter if extreme Metal fan or not – should get one of those...

Coilguns The first band hails from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland: ... more/mehr


Cold Cold Ground Lies About Ourselves
When I mention that this CD did not quite surprise me, it could be misunderstood – I simply heard many of the songs before visiting CCG concerts... What came as a surprise was the tough Speedmetal-like opener “My fist and I” which gives you the impression that Cold Cold Ground focus their second album rather on the second part of ... more/mehr



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