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Crystal Eyes Dead City Dreaming
After the last album „Confessions Of The Marker“, on which Daniel Heiman has been the singer, there is now on “Dead City Dreaming” a new vocalist, Nico Adamsen. Before, the Swedish had searched for a permanent singer and they found the Danish Nice, who has his debut on the fifth studio album of Crystal Eyes.

The quintet ... more/mehr


Crystal Head Crystal Head
Just for the sake of categorization, it must be said that the music itself is a mixture of Alice in Chains and The Doors. The album kicks off with a propaganda-like tv/radio announcement and proceeds to the first real song, which is more Hard Rock. Afterwards the songs take a turn into a psychedelic world.

One of the few ... more/mehr


Crystal Tears Generation X
The Greeks CRYSTAL TEARS were joined by Elegy vocalist Ian Parry a short time ago. The born Greek R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy) joined them as well as a producer. So they should be best prepared for their new album. You might think so... However: Whereas the songs are more or less above average, especially the vocals and the production ... more/mehr


Cult Of Erinyes A Place To Call My Unknown
The Erinyes – in Greek mythology, they are female chthonic deities of vengeance, Alecto ("the unceasing anger"), Megaera ("the jealous one"), and Tisiphone ("the avenging murder") in the world of Black Metal, they are the name givers for the Belgian band Cult of Erinyes featuring the three musicians Corvus (guitar, bass, keyboard), ... more/mehr


Cult Of Luna Vertikal
What do you do as one of the leading major bands of a genre past its prime and now on its deathbed, which has become infested with grandeouse endless tremolo delay guitar leads and overserious worn-out post-rock cliches? For one, you can sharpen your hipster haircut, spread the ashes of the dying ruins and make a theme album about ... more/mehr



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