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Crimson Rain Mankind is obsolete
The album “Mankind is obsolete” was released by the Swiss progressive band Crimson Rain, which consist of Florian Siegrist (Vocals), Alain Liesch (Drums), Vito Marrella (Bass), and Matthew Lewis (Guitar). The first songs sound very much alike and that´s what they have in common with the bandname as there is another band with the ... more/mehr


Crimsonic Silence Too Loud
Crimsonic is a Finnish rock/hard rock band from Helsinki. Formed in 2010, the band got a record deal with Amplisonic Records in 2011 and has, so far, released three demos online and two official singles (Journey and Avoided). Now, in May 2012, their debut album Silence Too Loud was ready to be released.

Silence Too Loud ... more/mehr


Cripper Freak Inside
Remember two decades back in time: What was Germany best known for in the hard sector? Yes, right, Teutonmetal a la Helloween and Thrash Metal quality Champions League. That German bands still got it is regularly shown by “old-timers” like Kreator, Sodom or Destruction, but also by younger bands like Dew-Scented. Also seriously new ... more/mehr


Crises Coral Dreams
The band itself calls their music alternative-hightech-metal-rock and there´s truly a little bit of everything in here. The band is already around since 1995 and was quickly very successful. After their old singer Russel Grey left in 2001, the band found a new frontman only in 2003 and released one album with him but also this guy ... more/mehr


Cromax International Cromax International
Cromax International generate a special class, because the three cyberpunks want to generate a new genre with their music. Moreover, on the band´s website there is the possibility to join the community and pay eleven euro per annum. For that you can download songs, videos and pictures and you can even add your own ideas into the ... more/mehr



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