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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Crib 45 Metamorphosis
It´s indeed impressive what our current Fresh Act presents here! First of all, this album does not sound like a debut - this is mature, tight and captures you with the first chords. You can feel that the musicians - especially band-mastermind Teemu Mäntynen - put all their souls in it (and I recommend to read the lyrics). A Gesamtkunstwerk. ... more/mehr


Crib45 Marching Through the Borderlines
I was not the only one who had been waiting for the follow-up of the 2009 album “Metamorphosis”, one of those CDs that rotate most often in my player... Moreover, I caught a glimpse of the new material at some of the (unfortunately rare) gigs of the band.

Therefore I already knew that a slight change in the line up (Ville ... more/mehr


Crimfall The Writ Of Sword
After a dramatic intro the Viking-Metal epic unfolds, and after you heard the vocals you cannot put that impression "Nightwish meets Moonsorrow/Black Sun Aeon" aside, although Helena Haaparanta has nothing to do with opera. Her voice rather reminds you of Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago), when she has the chance to shine in her solo parts ... more/mehr


Crimson Ghosts, The Leaving the Tomb
What the hell is that? Scary-Punk-Rock?

The Ghots from Cologne with the name „The Crimson Ghots“ just left their thomb to bring selfmade Zombie-Rock to the people. I thought something like this when I was listening to the first 10 minutes of the album.

Funny, punky, rocky...and sweet? Not really! But songs like ... more/mehr


Crimson Moonlight Veil Of Remembrance
“Melodic” double bass-tinged black metal with razor-sharp guitar riffs and a piercing voice – that´s what Crimson Moonlight created on their new CD “Veil Of Rememberance”. It´s a bit thick for my ears but the longer I listen to the record the more I like what I hear. I especially like the recurring groove parts. The voice of Pilgrim ... more/mehr



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