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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Cause For Effect 2001-2004
Cause For Effect offer here their complete works, three albums, 80 songs, most of them about half a minute. The Finns Tuomo (bass, vocals) and Ari (drums) are really into Grindcore, and as mere bass/drum duo project they definitely created their own style... but nothing for me. Without those short breaks I couldn’t tell when a new ... more/mehr


Cavalera Conspiracy Blunt Force Trauma
In case you thought, that Cavalera Conspirace might have been a simple side-project, this record will prove you wrong. „Blunt Force Trauma“ described with a few words, compared to it´s predecessor „Inflikted“ from 2008 : It´s more brutal.
And apart from being more brutal, it appears to be more varied. „Blunt Force Trauma“ in ... more/mehr


Celesty Mortal Mind Creation
And again a Finnish formation which wants to get into the south. Celesty have a very creative way to do this, because to their Melodic Metal the sextet also adds a heroic background story, that has already been created in their first album. This fairy-tale is about the land Cryon, in which horrible battles have to be fought to succeed ... more/mehr


Celtachor The Halls of our Ancient Fathers
Celtachor, hailing from Dublin, are inspired by Irish mythology and thus, combine traditional Irish instruments with a blend of black, doom and folk metal. The idea as such is really awesome – and I really can´t come up with any other band that mixes tin whistles and bodhrans (Irish frame drum) with blackmetal – however, Celtachor ... more/mehr


Cerberus Klagelieder – Grabesgesang
I have to admit that I am far from being a Black Metal expert, but in my opinion the Germans can indeed compete with the nordic stars in the scene. The quintet from Solingen prefers the melodic variation but also includes ultra-speed-parts. Vocalist and founding member Beleth reminds me of Cradle-Dani in his changes between style ... more/mehr



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