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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Caliban The Awakening
So this is the new CD of MetalCore pioneers Caliban, again with Roadrunner records and named “The Awakening”. Awakening is meant literally and can clearly be heard. A short sample and then “I Will Never Let You Down” begins, fast hard riffs, low vocals and, as we know from Caliban, the first grooving mosh part. A very good start, ... more/mehr


Caliban VS Heaven Shall Burn The Split Programm II
This is the second time the two most successful German metalcore bands meet up to play together or rather play against each other. There are six Heaven Shall Burn songs and five Caliban songs on the album and all of them are musically and technically solid. Staccato riffs, fat grooves, screaming and growling, everything modern metal ... more/mehr


Callenish Circle Pitch.Black.Effects
Various the Dutch present there self on their from now on fifth album. Still deep and powerful into the Melodic Death Metal, but with little sound experiments and sometimes even the foot off the gas. That in case of that as comparison first newer In Flames or Soilwork come to ones mind should please some fans. In reason of the excellent ... more/mehr


Cancer Bats Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones
Formed only in 2004 and already the third album out, Cancer Bats from Ontario, Canada show a good working morale. Also on their new album “Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones” (named after the band member´s nicknames) the guys spared no efforts, on fat 45 minutes there are 14 songs bristling with energy, aggression and rage. Punk with ... more/mehr


Candlemass Candlemass
The gods are back! They got back together in the one and only, true formation and made an album the doom fans of this world have been hoping for. The community of slow motion didn’t expect anything less than a great album and the simply selftitled album “Candlemass” fulfils these expectations. Mercilessly big riffs that pound heavily ... more/mehr



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