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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Confession by Silence Face the End in the Mirror
This is the second album from the north Germans and it follows the same lines as their debut. In comparison to their latest production, they are that much better –not only technically, but their songs seem more mature.

The songs seem a bit more refined and there is a clear structure at times. Especially “Confess” is a well ... more/mehr


Conic Searching For A Parallel
The album of the Southern German band stands almost alone in the release-cluttered genre of alternative indie rock. The opening song with the paradoxical title „It’s all over“ is very catchy, and the rest of the songs are no less in quality than the first. „Transformation Complete“ rocks wonderfully, other songs reveal a delightful ... more/mehr


Consecration .avi
Just recovered from the Serbian candidate at this year´s Eurovision Song Contest, I encounter another musical group from one of the former Yugoslav republics. With Consecration, hairdos are, however, not the center of attention but their music is. After their debut album Aux, which they worked on for six years, a live album followed. ... more/mehr


Contorsion Solace through Lies
There are indeed some good bands coming from Switzerland, and Contorsion is one of those, supporting with their Old School Thrash Metal such bands like Cataract, One Man Army & the Undead Quartet and some more live on stage. Their debut album „Solace through Lies“ promises to get them soon on international stages, too. As the band ... more/mehr


Contorsion Planet Parasite
Since their 2010 release „Solace Through Lies”, a lot has happened in the Contorsion camp. Besides gaining valuable live experience, the line-up changed: new on guitar is Jon Schnider, who already plucked the strings with Hellvetica. The album with ten new songs from the Swiss Thrashers is called “Planet Parasite” and, thematically, ... more/mehr



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