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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Big Ball Hotter Than Hell
AC/DC like sound is really up to date today, as many celebrated concerts of the masters themselves or their soundalikes Airbourne show. But it is really surprising that there are only a few of other bands who try to play this style of music. Is it due to the insane and absolutely important voices of Brian Johnson and Joel o`Keefe. ... more/mehr


Big Boy Ponygirl
Sorry Biggy, but you need more cords. The simple fault of the music in question here is lack of variety and an awfully boring sound –that does however show some potential. Playing with three or four chords through a whole album and making it a tight fit would be an awesome feat, but this time it just didnīt happen.

As ... more/mehr


Big John Bates Battered Bones
Keep the Whiskey in armsī reach and get on your cowboys boots. Big John Bates get out their new album Battered Bones and they wanna see us dancinī. On September 29th, the new disc of the westcoast Canadians will be released and Iīm tellinīyou something, people: Get tight your diapers and buy that album! For two days Battered Bones ... more/mehr


Big Wreck Ghost
The band has been around since 1990 and the album, which was released in the US and Canada already in 2014, now makes its way to European record store shelves. Throughout their long career, Big Wreck have been facing some troublesome times. Little success, due to a lacking marketing, forced them to split up but in 2010, they got ... more/mehr


Bigelf Cheat the Gallows
It is already 14 years ago, that Bigelf have released their first album ``Closer to Doom``. But they still do not have a big success. If you have a closer look at the facts, you will understand why. For instance, Bigelf are not really emphasized on releasing new albums. ``Cheat the Gallows`` is just their 4th album release. Also ... more/mehr



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