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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Cryoshell Cryoshell
Gee! Sometimes you donīt see the gems in front of your own house door. CRYOSHELL are from Denmark but you immediately think of Stockholm or some other place on the other side of Scandinavia when youīre listening to this album! On this debut album, the band plays rock radio-friendly epic symphonic rock with a big pose. Thereby, the ... more/mehr


Cryptic Wintermoon Of Shadows And The Dark Things You Fear
For more than a decade Cryptic Wintermoon have been taking part in the dark scene and they seem to have heard literally everything related to this genre. That’s the reason why the album offers a variety of styles. The thrashy guitars dance to the sound of folk orientated fiddles, symphonic black keyboards join deadly blastbeats. ... more/mehr


Cryptopsy Once was not
With "Once was not" Cryptopsy present their 7th album so far. Musically these guys from Canada are as uncompromising as one has come to expect of them: fast, brutal and morbid! Death grind at its best! The band presents 11 inventive songs with plenty of variation. Unfortunately the level drops quite noticeably about halfway ... more/mehr


Crystal Ball Dawnbreaker
After a six year hiatus, the Swiss band, Crystal Ball, is back on the Hard Rock wave. Even though the band is still made up of Scott Leach and Marcel Sardella, there are also some brand new members who might bring in a fresh breeze. The only question is, are Crystal Ball able to repeat their successes of old? With singer Stefan Mageney, ... more/mehr


Crystal Ball LifeRider
LifeRider is already the eighth studio album from Swiss band, Crystal Ball. But itīs only the second, featuring the new line-up with singer Steven Mageney. The new silver disc is more harmonic than the last record, Dawnbreaker, and the 12 tracks rock from beginning to end. For the song, Eye To Eye, Crystal ball got support from Noora ... more/mehr



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