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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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A Case Of Grenada Hell Actually Is All Around
A Case Of Grenada are living proof that music with english lyrics from Germany can compete with its counterparts from England or the US with no problems. This band is awesome. The sound is so fresh, that you almost want to butter your bread with it. A Case Of Grenada sound like Thrice having a private party with The Mars Volta. The ... more/mehr


A Chinese Restaurant Cheating Hearts In A Romantic Play (EP)
The trio from Hamburg offers with this record an almost exemplary EP. In the duration of five tracks the Punk Rockers show that their playing together for six years now is not useless and that they already played the one or other live gig. Unfortunately, the EP seems to be produced in a cheap way, which remains obvious throughout ... more/mehr


A Life Divided The Great Escape
As the title already suggests, all the songs on the new A Life Divided album are about the topic „escape“. Singer Jürgen Plangger, JP, and his men once again delivered an album filled with songs combining rock and electronic elements. How the mix worked out this time, you wonder? Well, many of their songs truly have this rocking ... more/mehr


A Life Divided Human
12 years of band history and, in April, A Life Divided´s 5th album hit record stores worldwide. The band shows that you do not necessarily need to re-invent a working wheel – but if that´s a the road to success, we need to see, or better: hear.

“Burst” is the album´s first track and a really promising start. A versatile ... more/mehr


A Sound Mind Harmonia
This band is pretty interesting without having even heard a single tone - in their hometown Melbourne they sold 15.000 records just by word-of-mouth and house advertising. That shows that those guys don´t shy away from anything to become well-known and sell their albums. Also in Europe they played on the streets, selling 12.000 ... more/mehr



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