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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Arkona Slovo
During the past two years, Arkona have blossomed into one of the most promising Pagan Metal bands in Europe. Wherever the Russians perform live you can see the manes of their fans circling in the air and you can also see many astonished faces because of the vocal authority of female singer and growler Masha. Personally, I am not ... more/mehr


Arkona / Nargathrond Jizn’vo slavu (Live … for the glory) / Inevitability
What more could I say than, WOW! What a great band. This record is a must for every Pagan Metal Fan. The Russian Band Arkona created something new unique. With the female clean and aggressive voice they just add another highlight to their great music. No way to stand still and just listen this is definitely a band where you need ... more/mehr


Arms to Amen Arms to Amen (Demo)
We have introduced you to this band already back in December as our Fresh Act, now you can listen to the guys, too. Arms to Amen present their first EP and even give it away for free. Five songs of the band, formed in 2009, are available for free download here ... more/mehr


Army Rising Impending Chaos
ARMY RISING seem to get better and better at writing songs. Right from the start “Impending Chaos”, their new album, sounds really promising, which is very much to the benefit of the Irish. Interestingly, “Impending Chaos” isn´t a simple thrash CD but it is a record full of ´bulky´ material that needs several plays to totally get ... more/mehr


Artania Night Shall Crown Ye
Night Shall Crown Ye, the debut album of the young Russian band Artania, was already released in May 2011 via Grailight Productions. Now, it´s also available as a digital release through Hunter´s Moon Records.

Musically, Artania deliver very symphonic Black Metal, which is conveyed most clearly through the use of keyboards ... more/mehr



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