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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Ammotrack Come Die With Us
When Hardcore Superstar toured through Finland last winter, it wasn`t the first time that their fellow countrymen Ammotrack from Swedish town Skövde were their support act. Why Mikael De Bruin (Vocals), Patrik Gardberg (Guitar), Jonas Jeppsson (Bass) and Anders Franssohn (Drums) still have to wait for their breakthrough? Well, maybe ... more/mehr


Amok Lullabies Of Silence
Lullabies, nice, and silence, something to listen and relax ... well, not really. As soon as the Swiss guys start playing it´s like an overdose of caffeine on CD, it teases your nerves, and after three tracks your ears surrender, and also the last remaining sane braincells... Amok sound as if Cradle-Dani, VoiVod, Meshuggah and a ... more/mehr


Amoral Decrowning
Image that you are 5 musicians and die to make music, but what kind of music to you want to do? The one you like or the one you can? Amoral seem to be in this conflict. “Decrowning” could pass as a flawless Power Metal album with Rock’N’Roll influence would not be some parts too hard and the Death Metal Shouts. And this is the root ... more/mehr


Amoral Reptile Ride
The third album in 10 years band history, and there is another reason why Niko Kalliojärvi (voc), Ben Varon (guit), Juhana Karlsson (dr) und Silver Ots (guit) must feel like deja-vu: Even before the official release of „Reptile Ride“ they lost their bass player Erkki Silvennoinen because of his involvement in too many projects...

This ... more/mehr


Amorphis Eclipse
Meanwhile Amorphis can look back upon a band-career of more than 10 years. Thus the expectations of the public, as well as the band are quite high. Especially as singer and long-time member Pasi Koskinen has left the band, and now Tomi Joutsen jumped abord... But nevermind: with "Eclipse" the band concentrated again on their roots, ... more/mehr



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