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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Before The Dawn Deathstar Rising
Before The Dawn = Tuomas Saukkonen + Lars Eikind. Yeah, itīs that simple. A collaboration between a skilled and very productive composer / multi-instrumentalist and a brilliant singer cannot leave listeners with bad impressions. During more than ten years of the bandīs existence, mastermind Tuomas endured a lot, including lack of ... more/mehr


Before The Dawn Rise Of The Phoenix
Now, for a change, itīs time for a slapping - 2 points max, and only because the cover looks kinda-nice. Simply impossible that every release of band mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen hits the mark, as he has so many different projects (besides Before The Dawn also Routasielu, The Final Harvest and Black Sun Aeon) – and the latter had ... more/mehr


Before the Fall Antibody
We used to say in Austria “the higher the mountains the more brutal the music”, thus Before The Fall should be coming from the highest peak in the Alps...for this record even your ears need balls.

Now seriously, this band should not be entirely unknown as they played many gigs and their music was used in trailers of Red-Bull ... more/mehr


Beggars & Thieves We are the Brokenhearted
Latest, since their performance at Firefest festival in Nottingham last year, Beggars & Thieves are back in the Classic Rock scene. In the beginning of their career, they were dogged by lots of bad luck, which even made them resign from their musical endeavours for a while. But now they are back - better than ever.

We Are ... more/mehr


Beggars, The Desert Flower
I like folk music not that much and really do not like this typical american country music stuff. Is there a difference between folk and country music? I guess not. Maybe country music is kind of a part of folk music, probably the american part. Anyway.
In fact THE BEGGARS have made an folk album and this sounds really american, ... more/mehr



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