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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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L.A. Cobra How much snake can you take?
They claim to be the only Glam/Sleaze band on the African continent and live the 80´s lifestyle wholeheartedly. Beautiful women, a lot of naked skin on the record cover, in the booklet and on the website. Since 2005 the band has been making music, “How much snake can you take?” is the second album of the band from Pretoria, South ... more/mehr


La Division Mentale L´extase de fous
„La Division Mentale“, basically a duo from France named Cypher (music) and Mriik (vocals), exists since 1998 and define their style as Industrial Black Metal. This CD appears to be the first real longplayer, after various demos and EPs, with a bigger record company, Bk (Babylone Chaos) and Yd (Absent) are guest musicians. The band ... more/mehr


La Par Force Work Ethic
Great that sometimes albums like this end up on your desk. Finally something to relax. La Par Force play wonderful old-fashioned melancholic Alternative Pop, are quite relaxend and always original. In an unobtrusive way those first class songs with this angelic vocals find their way into your ears and tend to stay there. Great. As ... more/mehr


La-Ventura A New Beginning
Somewhere at the border of dark Gothic-Rock/Metal are LA VENTURA. With “A New Beginning” they probably find some fans in both areas. Catchy the ten songs and very powerful for a debut album. Remarkable is the voice of the female singer which reaches EVANESCENCE in many passages. The main tempo is slow so to the mix comes some Symphonic ... more/mehr


Lacasa Del Cid Lonestar
When I received the album "Lonestar" by Lacasa Del Cid, the name made me suspect I was dealing with ska. Then I saw the guy on the cover...

Musically this reminds me of Neil Diamond, Nick Cave and a tiny bit of Johnny Cash; apart from the 6 remix versions at the end. Nothing new, but quite listenable. The aforementioned ... more/mehr



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