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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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LEBOWSKI Cinematic
From Poland comes a release - highly praised and acclaimed by the press and media - called "Cinematic" - "music to a nonexistent movie." The band: Lebowski from Szczecin. The graphic, photographic and typographic very professional and lovely designed CD-cover including a bilingual booklet in Polish and English looks a little ... more/mehr


Leechee Stay Away From All The Lonely
Leechee play emotional hardrock, and quite good. Musically there`s nothing bad to say about the debut of the band around Piotr Ziental, the songs and arrangements are very good and varied. Many a riff and base line remind you of Tool, the voice of the mainsinger veers towards placebos` Brian Molko. Nevertheless the guys created their ... more/mehr


Lee´s Request Aggressive Past
Lee, known through grindcore and death metal band Yuppie Club, sallied forth to cover ten legendary songs from the punk, death metal and grindcore genre with his solo project Lee´s Request. Therefore, Aggressive Past feels less like a usual album than an homage to the heavier side of music. With this album, Lee´s moshing love of ... more/mehr


Left to Vanish Versus the Throne
Brutal and playful, but neither fish nor fowl. This might be a descripton for the sound of “Versus the Throne”. The unique mixture of Hardcore punch and Thrash shredding gives you a real knock-out, but still, they are not really convincing. It might be because there is no golden thread, no structure and no variation in the songs. ... more/mehr


Legion of the Damned Malevolent Rapture
Warning! Who puts this steamhammer into the CD player has to duck for cover under the living room table immediately. Those aggressive Thrash-Riffs, Blastbeats and Death-Growls seem to cut through your boxes. Damn, what a sound-wall that those Dutch shooting stars smash right in your face! Not much missing to maximum marks! Who doesn’t ... more/mehr



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