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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lit Lit
You know one song, you know them all! – But not so LIT: besides rocking earwigs which go straight into your face, there are also some melancholic songs with strings and piano parts.

The common denominator are all together the catchy melodies, as well as A. Jays very versitile vocals. The bonus DVD includes two live music ... more/mehr


Little Caesar Redemption
Rock´n´Roll with that kind of quality that immediately invites you to sing and rock along, where in your mind you see yourself on the seat of a motorbike, or as driver of a huge truck, making miles and miles. Instant party feeling that makes you forget snow storms outside, or other unpleasant weather situations. ZZTop, Nazareth and ... more/mehr


Liv Kristine Enter My Religion
Even the EP "Fake A Smile" suggested something big, and indeed: Liv Kristine’s second Solo-Album "Enter My Religion" takes the audience into her magic world. If you try to describe this album you would have to use the term Fairy-Pop. The Norwegian’s soft clear voice dominates this melancholic Dark-Pop-CD. Like an angel she sings ... more/mehr


Liv Kristine (EP) EP / Fake A Smile
How does this woman cope with it all? "Theatre Of Tragedy" was the band that introduced „women plus Metal“ on an international level. "Leaves Eyes" continued with more mystical, more folkloristic and more opulent elements.

And just in between that she married, set up a family and had a child.

Now she presents ... more/mehr


Living Loud Living Loud
Just reading the line-up list (Bob Daisley – Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne; Lee Kerslake – Ozzy Osbourne, Uriah Heep; Steve Morse – Deep Purple; Don Airey – Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne) some people might have tears in their eyes. The song material is indeed of high quality: The album contains six songs from the first two Osbourne-outputs ... more/mehr



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