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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Leng Tch’e The Process of Elimination
You shouldn't use the word "I" too much or even at all when you are writing a CD review. But this case is an exception. I have rarely, if ever, had a CD like „The Process of Elimination“ from Leng Tch’e in my CD player. The band calls their own music "razor-grind", a variation on grindcore. Personally I really ... more/mehr


Leningrad Cowboys Buena Vodka Social Club
There have always been comical bands from Finland, e.g Eläkeläiset- and this orchestra definitely is amongst them. This means that if one is to listen to the music, seriousness is absolutely forbidden.

The latest production from Leningrad Cowboys is a bit different. A lot of the music is straightforward Rock ´n Roll (“Rock ... more/mehr


Les Fleurs Du Mal Concrete Ravings
Gothic Rock made in Stockholm - Les Fleurs Du Mal release with „Concrete Ravings“ their third record. The brothers Axel and August Grimm promise a diverse and exciting record. The first song of the 11 piece strong record is, however, pretty meagre and the spoken word ´vocals´ – which can be found on the entire record - don´t make ... more/mehr


Let It Burn The Expanding Universe
„A perfect mixture between 7 Seconds and AC/DC“, says the record company about „Let it Burn“. AC/DC, at any rate, are hiding quite well. Otherwise this comprehension is not so good. What was the concept for 7 seconds musical output? Oh yes, PosiCore. On „Let it Burn“ it's supposed to be more PosiRock, do not confound in any ... more/mehr


Let Me Dream Soulshine
Although of what you shall dream is not given by the band, but something sweet it won’ be if you here the 9 songs. The general mood of “Sunshine” is indeed dark with distraught interludes that spread a kind of middle age romantic and keyboard accompaniment what reminds of a horrorfilm, so matching to the Gothic/Darl Metal of the ... more/mehr



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