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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lost In Rhone Beloved The Ones Who Sit Down
The Belgian emo/post hardcore quintet although is not long in the scene (two years), plays with good confidence and certain drive their extremely melodic and overall well-done energetic songs. The album is very consistent and harmonic. Because of too little variations, in both vocals and music, it sounds more like one continuous ... more/mehr


Lost Moon King of Dogs
Lost Moon were founded in early 90s by the Italian Paolucci brothers. 1998 they recorded their first demos and played shows in Italy and Switzerland. After long search they finaly found a label that released their debut album King Of Dogs. With their Heavy Metal in the style of Motorhead they can definitely light up Rockers hearts. ... more/mehr


Lost Society Fast Loud Death
“Fast Loud Death” is the debut album of the thrash/speed metal band Lost Society. As the title suggests, “Fast Loud Death” doesn´t offer any break for the listener.

The catchy efficient riffs are probably the most striking element of the album and they give the real shape and color to all the songs, e.g. both “Toxic Avenger” ... more/mehr


Lost Society Terror Hungry
According to the press information from the record label, Lost Society should be on their best way to become Thrash Metal gods. This is hard to believe, as, for this to happen, they have to ´dethrone and uncrown´ Teutonic deities like Kreator and Testament. And, to say it right from the start, the four Finish guys, of course, are ... more/mehr


LostAlone Blood Is Sharp
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr



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