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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lizzy Borden Appointment With Death
Metal icon, singer and band-mastermind Lizzy Borden might have asked himself in those nearly 25 years of bandhistory, why so many young bands are successful with „their“ sound while the originals – at least in Europe – never really made it big-scale. I cannot say if the situation will change so much with this album, but let´s wish ... more/mehr


Local Boys Whattheclockman
Sweden is really involved in the whole indie-pop-rock scene at the moment, and this is also the genre of the Local Boys. These boys set to work on this album with a lot of enthusiasm and an appetite for experimenting. The result is an album that puts together everything from rock songs to ballads and combines influences from the ... more/mehr


Loch Vostok Reveal No Secrets
When talking about melodic death metal, names like KALMAH or SCAR SYMMETRY are often used. The name LOCH VOSTOK, however, is mentioned rarely. This is maybe caused by the fact that the Swedish guys are not very innovative but LOCH VOSTOK gave us two very good albums. Their latest record “Reveal no Secrets” is a high quality album ... more/mehr


Locus Mortis Voust
Locus Mortis release here their second album after the acclaimed debut „Inter Uterum Et Loculum“ and might be known via their other project URNA. The band members express personal experience with occult science, drawn into music and lyrics, musically and production-wise on a quite high level. Blast beat drumming, but still a very ... more/mehr


Lola Angst The Council of Love
Lola Angst is an Electro-project by Alexander Goldmann (Kamikaze52 / Feeling B) and Reiner Schirner (Blind Passangers). Those two sound-fetishists create dark diversified Electro on their debut album that even has catchy qualities (u.a. The Council of Love, King of the Mad, Am I Dead). You can easily dance to those straight songs, ... more/mehr



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