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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lordi Scare Force One
To be honest, after listening to the first single “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”, I was a bit afraid that the entire new Lordi record would sound the same. I didn´t like the song at all. But luckily, it soon became clear that it was just a bad choice as the first single. Unlike the two last albums, “Scare Force One” was not ... more/mehr


Lords Of Decadence Cognitive Note Of Discord
Obviously, these Austrians listened very carefully to their In Flames/Children Of Bodom records, but let’s face it: who hasn’t these days? Unlike most of the other clones, these guys really know how to rock. Lords Of Decadence don’t make the mistake of just playing exact copies of the Scandinavian riffs, but manage to put their own ... more/mehr


Los Bastardos Finlandeses Return Of El Diablo
Desert-feeling from the Northern regions, but this time it´s not Stoner Rock: Southern Blues´n´Roll with Slide Guitar and the rough-rusty voice of El Taff Bastardo who reminds a bit of Lemmy and Phil Lynott. Cactus-juice and Tequila flow through those catchy tunes and harmonic choruses, the rhythm is just right for tapping or stomping ... more/mehr


Los Lobos Tin Can Trust
Los Lobos from LA have released some records already, and won a Grammy. Their last album „Los Lobos goes Disney“, where they cover Disney classics in their typical Rock/Blues Style, is now followed one year later by „Tin Can Trust“. The CD takes off with a rocking song with some Country influences „Burn it Down“, where singer Cesar ... more/mehr


Los Los Viva Los Los
Viva Los LOS, viva el Mex Metal! Los LOS are five German Mexicans who prefer to remain anonymous. The reason isn’t the quality of those 13 Dark Metal bullets but (so they say) their problems with Mexican drug mob. Anyway, the music is quite good. The Tequila-weirdos mangle party-hits like "Macarena", "The Ketchup Song" and "Vamos ... more/mehr



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