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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lahannya Shotgun Reality
The debut of the British Lahannya with German roots is often compared to Lacuna Coil and Evanescence. However, I cannot follow my colleagues here. Alhtough I do not particularily like neither Lacuna Coil nor Evanescence, still both bands have their own style that you remember. Lahannya is exactly missing that.

With her blue ... more/mehr


Laid In Ashes Bastards From Hell
A remarkable second output by those five Germans from Ruhrpott! Even listening to the album a couple of times I cannot find any comparison, which is quite positive anyway, and it´s also far from boring... somewhere between Death and Thrash Metal, Laid in Ashes do not only play rough Old School (e. g. the title track or Face of Death) ... more/mehr


Lake Of Tears Moons And Mushrooms
It took three years until the veterans Lake Of Tears are back – Daniel Brennare (voc), Mikael Larsson (b) and Johan Oudhuis (dr) with a new full band member Magnus Sahlgren. And they managed to hit the mark, who back then enjoyed “A Crimson Cosmos” should definitely get this album. The title “Moons And Mushrooms” gives the idea that ... more/mehr


Lake of Tears Illwill
It has been a long, long time! To be exact, four full years, that´s how long fans of the Swedish dark rock pioneers Lake of Tears had to wait and hope for a new album. Now, finally, it is here. Illwill is the band´s next strike.

From the beginning on, one can hear that the new record, compared with the last one Moons & Mushrooms, ... more/mehr


Lamb Of God Wrath
"Wrath" is the name of the latest Lamb of God album - the name is the motto, in the truest sense of the word. Pretty impressive how hell breaks lose after this wonderfully calm intro "The Passing". After a somewhat more melodic album, they´re now walking on the brutal path. Obviously there´s someone, who has to get rid of a lot of ... more/mehr



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