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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Light Pupil Dilate Snake Wine
Looking at the influences of Light Pupil Dilate, you cannot help to raise an eyebrow. Rough Metal bands like Slayer or Sepultura, progressive acts like Yes and King Crimson and alternative music like Fugazi, Hot Water Music - everything seems to be there. And therefore the finished product isn´t astounding: The US trio plays racing ... more/mehr


Limbogott One Minute Violence
Strange names are good for the promotion of a band, but it’s always better if you remember a band for other things than a strange name … There are six people in this band, two of them sing, none of them play bass (scandalous!) and all of them have “crazy” nicknames like Lard Mason or Limbosonic. But hey, let’s focus on the music, ... more/mehr


Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage LMO
In 1996, Rage released, as one of the first traditional Metal bands, an album with orchestra, called Lingua Mortis. 17 years later, the band is a totally different one (except for vocalist/bassist Peavy) but this didn´t stop them to publish a follow-up record, another Metal/orchestra project, simply entitled LMO. Almost all songs ... more/mehr


Lion Twin Nashville
It´s rather peculiar that the press kit of a band mentions that they support Greenpeace and Amnesty International and raise money by playing benefit concerts. But why not?! Lion Twin are singer Li and guitarist Jan, who have been making music together since 2011. They describe their music as a mix of Metal and Pop and that fits pretty ... more/mehr


Lionheart Built on Struggle
A while ago, I read an old review for Lionheart´s The Will to Survive by some douchebag who said something about the album having lots of profanity and the usual self affirming statements. Duh! If these things bother you, then Built on Struggle is not for you (and a lot of the usual hardcore). In my humble opinion, it is probably ... more/mehr



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