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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Losa The Perfect Moment
Now Metalblade introduces with „Losa“ their own unknown band into the race of Metalcore newcomer bands. And you ask yourself if now all garages of America has been scoureged and you fear that is not that the fact. Losa offer on their debut the well-known loudness-silence play with blasbeats, shouts, riffatacks and during that silent ... more/mehr


Losing Sun Inertia
The translation follows soon! The editors ... more/mehr


Loss of Resistance Born Into The Cold
Loss of Resistance – a band who takes their first breath and who lays the foundation stone with the actual silver- disc: „Born Into The Cold“. The music of the band from Rhineland-Pfalz is a mixture of Death Metal with progressive influences. Brutality and speed give you a 20 min. punch right in your face. They dash forward with ... more/mehr


Lost Area Destroying something Beautiful
Lost Area are around since 2003; they toured with Projekt Pitchfork and The Crüxshadows, which proves that, from the beginning on, this band has ranged on a very high level. The current line up plays together since 2011 and now they dare to do the next step, with only one singer, VDiva, instead of the former two vocalists.

“Destroying ... more/mehr


Lost Dreams Blinded by Rage
The Austrians Lost Dreams, former STALKER Fresh Act, released their fifth studio album named Blinded by Rage, and the title reveals it all. The opener Hide and Seek gives the impression of what is to come, uptempo, evil riffs and even more evil growls, later Metalcore-Shouts, Black-Metal screeches and speeches are added. Singer Stefan ... more/mehr



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