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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Legion Of The Damned Sons Of The Jackal
After their very good debut album “Malevolent Rapture” the damned now offer their second record with the title “Sons Of The Jackal”. The opener with the same title is full of speed and very nice, but sound very similar to the opener of the last album, entitled “Legion Of The Damned”. But shortly after this the quartet play trash ... more/mehr


Legion of the Damned Descent into Chaos
The new year has just started and we already got the first bombastic CD!
Legion of the Damned have unleashed their latest record „Descent into Chaos“. Introducing this band should be futile – if you haven´t heard of them during the past few years, you should really wonder where the hell you´ve been all the time. It was almost ... more/mehr


Leichtmatrose gestrandet
After the first listen to LEICHTMATROSE everything seemed to be crystal clear to me. Another American band who tries to make their own interpretation of a Depeche Mode sound to show us their version of timeless powerful music. But it ain’t that easy!

What came out is quite remarkable. LEICHTMATROSE give us an album full ... more/mehr


Lene Kosti Do or Die
The Heavy Metal Band Lene Kosti (Lazy Bones) from Slovenia has been around since 1978, in 1985 the charismatic front man Milan Krušič joined and helped Lene Kosti to cult status in their home country. In 1986 they recorded their first demo "Park Bar", but back then a strict regime and censorship put the band from Ljubljana under ... more/mehr


Lene Kosti Penetrator
Penetrator is the second album by the Slovenian heavy metal institution Lene Kosti after their reunion in 2008. Those 11 songs plus bonus track impress not only with good sound and good production, but also with variety. Earthy Heavy Metal set on full power, occasionally stomping (Heavy Artillery), occasionally more sophisticated ... more/mehr



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