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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lowood Close to Violence
Sweden, Sweden and again Sweden, place of creativity, birthplace of beautiful pearls, which can be collected by resting seekers in scenic landscapes near a mountain lake. The latest pearl, gently put (not thrown!!) on the market by the NOVOTON label on January 29th 2010 is something very special because CLOSE TO VIOLENCE sneaks like ... more/mehr


Lucifer Star Machine Fire In Your Hole
Punk rock, but not exactly high quality. Not really any new ideas or musical brilliance. The whole thing sounds like... I don't really know, Maybe a bad joke?! Songs that are merely verse - chorus- verse and aren't particularly bad, but if the whole album is built up like that, it becomes very boring very fast. ... more/mehr


Luke Gasser Retribution
I know about Luke Gasser only since the movie “Anuk - Way of the worrier”, starring Metal queen Doro Pesch, came out in 2006. When Doro played a gig in Pratteln, Switzerland, Luke was a special guest and together they performed a song. Compared to back then, this new record is a real surprise. I can´t really remember that the Swiss ... more/mehr


Luke Gasser Flicker
Mister Gasser seems to burst with inspiration. His last record, “Retribution”, is out for a bit over a year and he already releases his next 12-song album. “Flicker” delivers pure Rock. While the last album had some points here and there that I didn´t like, this album is great from start to finish. That´s how an album should sound! ... more/mehr


Lullacry Vol.4
Let’s calculate: Well, Lullacry deserve at least 5 points because they have a female singer who – thank god – doesn’t squeak. Very good. Yet 2 points have to be deducted because that lady’s voice sounds snotty yet still somehow like Mickey Mouse. Again 3 points plus for the cool Goth’n’Roll-songs on „Vol. 4“ and again plus 2 for ... more/mehr



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