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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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LostAlone Shapes of Screams
The Englishman of LostAlone received rave reviews for their last record „I´m A UFO in this City“; critics prophesied immediate breakthrough and success. But despite being on tour with My Chemical Romance, Evanescence and 30 Seconds to Mars, success never came. As we all know, this unfortunately happens to so many talented bands and ... more/mehr


Lotus Feed A Different Place
Post Punk Germany 2011 - after 15 years of band existence, Lotus Feed have been braced up to release their debut album. What formerly called New Wave swept also to Cologne and slides now on waves, where bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus or The Cure have sailed before. In melancholy gloom create Lotus Feed the right mood ... more/mehr


Loudness Racing
"Racing" is the 19th studio album of this 24-year-old Japanese hardrock/metal legend. The CD-pack doesn't only include the new studio album, but it also contains a "best of" CD. On this CD there are 13 classics that have all been re-recorded. Now you can not only enjoy the compositions, but also the sound. ... more/mehr


Loverboy Rock´n´Roll Revival
The peak of Loverboy´s career was surely in the 80´s when they were one of the best known rockbands in the world. With countless awards and ten million sold records, they were the first Canadian band, who was honoured with Columbia Records´ Crystal Globe Award (for selling more than 5 million records outside of their home country). ... more/mehr


Lovex Watch out!
I honestly have to say that I haven´t followed the band´s career for the last few years. When they started out, I actually thought they were pretty good, despite the fact that they fit just right into this typical teeny band concept. Their singles “Guardian Angel” and “Take a Shot” made it to the top of the Finnish charts. The last ... more/mehr



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