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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lamb of God Resolution
The long waited new record from Lamb of God is coming out on January 20th and I have to say that it is pretty damn good. The general wow-effect from LoG comes from their brutal, loud sound, which sounds like a soundtrack to an epic slaughter, yet the music is incredibly technical -without going to the extent of musical masturbation ... more/mehr


Lambretta The Fight
The one-hit-wonder is back! And it's fighting to shake off this doubtful title - and they are mostly doing a good job. As they did on "Bimbo", Lambretta manages to mix good pop songs with a modern rock sound. On top of this sounds the characteristic voice of singer Linda - a bit thin, but definitely more recognisable ... more/mehr


Lamp Of Thoth, The Cauldron of Witchery
The label puts The Lamp of Thoth into the category Occult Doom Metal, and you cannot overhear their esoteric occult roots. They sing about doom, curses, secrets, virgins and demons. Some tunes sound oriental, the vocals are rather toting and conjuring. Everything is dark and slow, you can almost see a witch dancing around her cauldron. ... more/mehr


Lancer Second Storm
Lancer are a quite young band from Sweden, which plays classic Power Metal. They released their first album 3 years ago, now they are back with “The Second Storm”, their – surprise, surprise! - second album. First of all, it´s the sound that stands out. It is very retro and reminds a lot of early Gamma Ray or Helloween. It´s, of ... more/mehr


Last CareZ First Caress
They have no label, they have no contract, they do not have a proper CD yet. Those five inhabitants of Cologne, however, have an extravagant EP with six songs for sale, which style they call affectionately women metal. And this sounds damn well. The term womenmetal I would leave out, though. Melodic hard rock fits better. One, two ... more/mehr



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