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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Lovex State of Mind
After the previous album, „Watch Out“, the bars are set very high for „State of Mind“, to get anywhere near this masterpiece. The risk to repeat oneself, two years later, is quite big. Thus, my expectations are high because the last record earned Stalker´s best note.

“Fighter” and “Action” don´t impress me so much that ... more/mehr


Low The Great Destroyer
In words. “The great destroyer” is athmospheric guitar-pop which scratches sometimes just like Lambchop, Patti Smith.

In Pictures: Somewhere between melancholy of the autumn and beginning of a grey winter there is a little campfire. 3 people sit around it and stare in the flames. They seem to be very serious till they recognise ... more/mehr


Lower Hell Hellevator
Hailing from southern Germany, Lower Hell is releasing their latest creation „Hellevator“ Jan. 15th and it is quite good. This is the second album from the band and if they refine themselves, there should be no obstacles between then and a great success.

Considering instrumental skill, Lower Hell is quite well off. Bast ... more/mehr


Lowfield Start the Machine
“Start the Machine“ is the preview EP for the third record of the German band, Lowfield. “Time Machine“ will probably be released in spring 2014; with „Start the Machine“, the guys want to shorten the waiting time and let the anticipation grow. What I hear after putting the record on sounds rather interesting: an unconventional singer ... more/mehr


LowField Time Machine
As announced with the release of their EP „Start the Machine“ half a year ago, LowField are back with their full-length record titled “Time Machine”. They obviously listened to me and so, luckily, only three of the six EP songs made it to the album. Unluckily, those three songs are also the only really thrilling songs on the entire ... more/mehr



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