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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Letzte Instanz Ins Licht
"Ins Licht" is their fifth album already, and a new beginning for the seven bandmembers. After about half the line-up quit their jobs with those Folk-Metallers, they completed the ranks again. "Ins Licht" is a very complex album. Slow acoustic parts are combined with Heavy-parts, double-bass and distorted guitars with violin tunes ... more/mehr


Letzte Instanz Heilig

LETZTE INSTANZ have rooted themselves in the Folk Rock scene and supply us with good records on a regular basis - but now the Germans seem to get a bit rusty. „Heilig” lacks the intense hit capacity of their last 2 outputs, not to mention the early stuff of those guys from Dresden. Still you will find those rough´n´tough riffs, ... more/mehr


Leverage Blind Fire
Blind Fire is the second Album of the Finnish Band Leverage, and there´s no doubt that they manage to develop much further from the previous album. Great anthems that get you rocking can be found as well as dreamy ballads that make you cry, and the guitar soli are definitely played by someone who knows his instrument well. This is ... more/mehr


Leverage Circus Colossus
“Circus Colossus” is the third album of the Finnish Melodic Metal Band Leverage. With the first song they establish that this album is indeed exceeding the predecessors. The song Rise is also the Intro, and those tender orchestra tunes raise the expectation to hear a grandiose and big-production album. You hardly can wait to hear ... more/mehr


Lie in Ruins Swallowed by the Void
And there was a big void, which was filled, if the band is to be believed, with “death metal hymns for the dead”. If I trust my ears, however, then there´s per definition not much death in this metal, it´s more evil, black-metal-y sounds of the otherworld which arise from the abyss; so maybe, as a compromise, one could agree on black-death ... more/mehr



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